BEAUTY BAR: Summer Blues And Simple Tattoos

Fashion can be external expression, wearable art. People slip on and zip up what visually appeals to them as an extension of their skin, as an extension of who they are. Many disregard that there is another form of style expression—a more permanent one.

A tattoo is everlasting skin art that expresses who a person is at their core rather than what they feel on a particular day (for the most part, at least). You can’t take tattoos off after a long day or change them according to your mood. They are not an extension of a person but rather an imprint on a person. To have the courage to ink an image or text on one’s skin is not something everyone has the purpose or commitment to do. That gives me all the more reason to respect the inked individuals of the world, including this week’s fabulous Fashionista.

Initially, this Fashionista’s casual summer dress caught my eye rather than her tattoos. I loved how the summery floral design juxtaposed the monochromatic, cool colored blues. Even the silhouette struck me as current and flattering. As I began talking to her and taking pictures, my attention went from her dress to her ultra-unique rubber flats but still not to the ink. I had never seen anyone totally rock footwear like that. Finally, as I was snapping a detail shot of her black leather bag, a tiny heart on the outside of her wrist, smaller than a penny, called my attention. At that point, I knew exactly what made this Fashionista stand out amongst the rest.

The most appealing aspect about this Fashionista’s tattoos was their simplicity. They were tastefully placed and delicately illustrated to the point that finally seeing them was like noticing a hidden gem, a little something extra, like finding out that your little brother didn’t eat all of the leftover cake in the fridge. It’s the little things. This Fashionista managed to turn what many people see as trashy mistakes into classy beauty embellishments.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? I am not going to sit here and encourage anyone to get a tattoo to follow a trend because they should be highly personal and thoroughly thought out. After all, they are permanent. However, I will applaud those who bear ink. Nonetheless, skin art can still be achieved if you are an indecisive individual that fears the commitment such as myself! Henna tattoos last only a few weeks and temporary tattoos last a mere couple of days. Permanent or not, wear your tattoo with pride this summer and don’t be afraid to show it off!