BEAUTY BAR: Sugar And Spice

Every girl that wears makeup knows that once you start wearing it you never really stop. Especially if you’re a girly girl who likes to get dressed up, you know that makeup becomes a part of your daily routine. Let’s admit that makeup is one of the greatest things to be put on this Earth, but with all the products out there, different skin types and tutorials it is very easy to get carried away. Even though being “basic” is something none of us want, sometimes with makeup just a few basic things can go a long way.

This Fashionista definitely knows how to do the perfect soft makeup, but is still able to keep it hot with her outfit. Just a pop of color on her cheeks does the trick. Her outfit screams that she is confident, fashionable and in charge. Though her makeup looks so soft it also screams the same thing. When it comes to makeup less is more. Makeup is meant to enhance the beautiful and unique features each of us already have, not drown them out. The more makeup a girl wears sometimes can make her seem inexperienced in the makeup world, so keep it fresh and to a minimal as much as possible.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In the summer especially, it is hard to keep your makeup looking fresh and matte, so using a primer is essential. You also want to keep your makeup as light as possible, but some people may require more coverage than others so a basic foundation, setting powder and concealer can do wonders. Every girl wants that glow that looks like she just dropped out of heaven, well a great bronzer can do the trick to give you that effect. Combine all these steps with a little mascara and you’ll have the perfect soft summer look to get you through your daily ventures.