BEAUTY BAR: Strong Eye, Soft Face

July 26th, 2016 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: Strong Eye, Soft Face

Now that summer is here, it’s time to find the right balance for your face. This can be hard to achieve in the brutal heat of these months. However, this Fashionista knows how to handle the heat without a beauty meltdown—literally.

She achieves her summer look by sticking with the beauty trend of the year, the strong brow. She keeps her natural shape, which is a refreshing take on this trend. This Fashionista also brings attention to her eyes with strong liner on her top lid.

I am a sucker for balance and this Fashionista is a master at creating it on her face. While the emphasis is on her eyes, she creates the balance with a soft glowing face. She applies a soft contour line under her cheekbone, blending in with a wet beauty blender in a dabbing motion. She then went back in with a powder bronzer and to finish off her face she applied a liquid matte highlighter in the same manner she applied her contour. Finally, to finish off her summer look she kept her lips soft. First by applying her lip liner, followed by lipstick.

As a person whose daily makeup routine involves a little liner, shadow and some foundation, that I most likely apply wrong, I learned a lot from this Fashionista. She also gave me a list of her go-to products and how-to’s to help improve my own take on a balanced summer face.

What’s On the BEATUY BAR: To achieve your own balanced summer face start out with your own bold brow with this brow pencil. Next achieve your perfect, soft contour with a liquid bronzer and don’t forget the powder bronzer. To really make your face glow, get the perfect highlight. Finish off your polished summer face with a soft lip. Never forget that the most valuable item on the beauty bar is confidence.