BEAUTY BAR: Sleek and Smooth

August 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ahh, accessories. There are bracelets, necklaces, rings and hats, just to name a few! My favorite accessory is a bit unusual it’s my hair. That’s right! There’s nothing more versatile and stunning than some long locks paired with a fabulous outfit. My motto with hair has always been ‘go big or go home!’

I spotted this Fashionista leaving her apartment and could not help but to admire her long, gorgeous hair. Back in the ’70s, very long and straight hair was trending for women. Girls would actually use a clothes iron to get the sleek look. For a while, short, trendy cuts became the style and now we’re creeping back into the ages of long, thick hair. With a lot of hair, you can manipulate it to push your look a little farther. A sleek ponytail for a backless top or, in this Fashionista’s case, straighten your hair and let it flow with a cute little romper.

When you have a romper, such as this one with a busy pattern, sometimes doing a simple, straight style with your hair is the best option. Letting your long hair down over your shoulders can also save time in the accessories department, substituting for a necklace or long earrings. If you’re having trouble getting your hair to grow, lay off the heat. Find products that work with your natural hair texture so that you don’t have to straighten or curl it every day. Also, make sure you’re getting a trim every six weeks in order to fight off hair breakage. Products like Moroccan oil and deep conditioner can also help your hair grow like a weed!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this thick and sleek look, start out with Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream on damp hair. Next, use Paul Mitchell’s Straight Works Smoothing Cream to relax your hair’s natural texture. Finally, try a Hot Tools ceramic straightening iron on dry hair.