BEAUTY BAR: Sizzling Summer Makeup

When the summer heat hits, makeup lovers like myself know that we have to readjust our usual routines in order to avoid tragedies like smeared eyeliner, cakey foundation and melted makeup. While it can be difficult to have to alter a routine that makes you feel bomb, this Fashionista is displaying some tricks that can help you stay feeling the most yourself and complete your look while actually using a little bit less!

The first thing that this Fashionista is doing in order to avoid a melting mess on her face is avoiding using eyeliner. Waxy pencils and liquid liner both have quite a reputation for smearing all over eyelids when mixed with sweat, so avoiding these items when the temperature is high is key for keeping a clean eye look during the summer months. Instead of using eyeliner, she actually ended up following the inner rims of her eyes with a dark eye shadow, a much better (and dryer) option for still giving your look some definition. The next strategy she used with her makeup was use a shadow that brought out the focus of her outfit: her rose gold watch. This Fashionista is sporting an all-black and otherwise simple look in terms of color and her sleek bun because she is headed to work, but spices up the ensemble with an eye-catching oversized Michael Kors watch. The eye shadow that she chose to blend on top of her eye lids is actually also a rose gold shade, which ties her makeup look to her watch and makes the look finished even though it is so simple. Finally, she used a great bronzer that isn’t muddy to sun-kiss her cheeks, a technique that can actually be utilized even more than normal in the heat.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: In order to recreate this look, you should use a dark shadow instead of liquid and waxy liners, a high quality rose gold eye shadow and a non-muddy bronzer to create a metallic yet summer and sun-kissed look.