BEAUTY BAR: Simply Summer

Humans are creatures of adaptation. We modify our behavior, our appearance and sometimes even our surroundings in order to become comfortable in a new situation. Something we always find ourselves adapting to is the seasons. When the seasons change, so do we. We don’t go for swims or eat popsicles in the winter, just like we don’t snuggle up in a pile of blankets while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate in the summer. We realize that each season is unique and calls for different things. Most people can relate to the tradition of switching your wardrobe out when a new season rolls around. However, something that not a lot of people realize is that it’s not only clothes that are seasonal, makeup is too.

Your body changes a lot throughout the seasons. Winter brings dry skin, spring brings allergies and sensitive eyes, summer brings golden tans and fall brings runny noses. The purpose of applying makeup, doing hair and painting nails is to highlight the unique assets of your body. However, during each season your body changes. Each season you have different assets to highlight and different trouble areas to fix. This means you need to modify your beauty routine in order to best adapt to your body’s seasonal changes.

This Fashionista knows exactly how to adapt her beauty routine for these next few summer months. The key to a great summer beauty routine is to keep things warm and simple. Summer months bring a lot of sunshine, so you will probably end up with glowing, sun-kissed skin just by being outside. This will naturally warm up your complexion. You can then highlight this new attribute by complementing your face with warmer colors. For instance, this Fashionista used a warm coral color on her lips and dyed her hair to a mahogany brown. This highlighted the natural warmth in her face and brought out a glow to her whole complexion. She skipped out on any blush or bronzer because she knew that the sun would take care of that for her. She then applied a little eyeliner to make sure that her hazel eyes would pop. Simple, loose curls and a french manicure topped the look off with a fresh, effortlessly beautiful finish. Keeping your summer look warm and simple will easily pair with your busy, spontaneous summer agenda, while never losing your natural beauty along the way.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Keep your summer look warm and simple by starting off with a coral or red lip color. Make sure to keep the rest of your look light by only adding a thin line of eyeliner or a little mascara to make your eyes pop. Then finish the look off with a warm color hair, a simple hairstyle like loose curls or a loose braid and a fresh french manicure. This will keep you looking effortlessly beautiful all summer long!