BEAUTY BAR: Simple Is Better

What made the human species decide that longer lashes and pinker cheeks were prettier? Or that unnatural red lips are beautiful and pimples aren’t? Somewhere between the era of Adam and Eve and Angelina Jolie, something went terribly wrong. That is why I like to own the natural look, which is where this Fashionista and I agree!

When it comes to simplicity, I think that interviewers and our parents can all agree that the innocent look is what is preferred. Instead of black and red, which symbolizes the devil, the nude and white colors symbolize the purity of an angel. And who doesn’t want to fly around all day looking like you’re straight out of heaven or Victoria’s Secret?

My point to this rant is to encourage my Fashionistas to follow this lady’s lead. A fitted white dress that is an appropriate length is encouraged. The lace material classes up the outfit, too. Her short nude heels accomplish the flow of the outfit while letting her feet breathe in the hot summer day. Her lightly painted nails are well done without any chips because she is obviously a classy girl. Pairing it with a black bag with some nude accents to match her shoes was a great choice.

The clean and crisp look is not only based on your outfit, but also how you present your face. If you are the type to go bold, accomplishing the classy look means giving up most of the eyeliner and blue eyeshadow for the day. Any color on the spectrum from beige to brown is acceptable to use for foundation and eyeshadow. Adding a hint of blush won’t hurt. Embrace your own eyelashes by adding a second or third layer of mascara instead of gluing on fake lashes. It is also definitely a plus to enhance your lips with lipstick but stay away from darker and bolder colors. The purpose of makeup is to enhance all of your features to fool people into thinking that you never went through phases of pimples and chapped lips. Guys will refer to you as “not wearing any makeup.” Let’s keep them in the dark ladies.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you wanted to present this particular look to fool people into thinking you haven’t changed since middle school, there are a few must-haves. It is easy to find a white dress in any Forever 21 or Nordstrom. A pair of nude shoes, whether sandals or heels, is acceptable, keeping in mind to stay away from some distasteful features. Lighten up the makeup, and make sure to tame your luscious locks of gold.