BEAUTY BAR: Short Hair Don't Care

When I think of effortlessly cool, I think of the classics – think Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin, Chloe Sevigny, etc. But what about that “short hair, don’t care” trend? We’ve been instagrammin’ and tweeting this line every time we get a cute little haircut. These classy and classic ladies are mostly known to have long hair, but right now with this summer heat wave, I’m thinking it’s all about the short hair.

This Fashionista took the cool little cut to a whole new level. After running around doing errands for what seems like an eternity in the heat, her short ‘do is the perfect way to keep cool. I’ve been seeing short hair rule the internet lately and who doesn’t like adding a little bit of funky color to their hair once in a while? This Fashionista added a little bit of light gray to hers!

For a day of errands, this Fashionista chose to keep it relaxed. Her loose fitting high-waisted shorts add a little bit of grunge to the overall look. She added a pop-of-color with the tucked in fitted T-shirt. Her thrown on baseball cap keeps the blazing sun off her dyed ‘do, but doesn’t hide it completely, like a wide-brimmed hat would (I’m loving this one right now from Nordstrom). She just looks so effortlessly cool with that “short hair don’t care” look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Next time you go in for a cut and color, ask your stylist about cutting it shorter. Even just getting a few inches off will freshen up your normal hairstyle. If you’re feeling bold, try going completely gray. If that’s not your style, try getting a classic ombre!