BEAUTY BAR: Short And Sweet

Bearing the summer heat can seem impossible at times. You spend hours trying to come up with an outfit that is chic, but won’t cause you to melt under the hot sun. Even with all of this effort in choosing what to wear, you can still feel suffocated by having long hair across your back. It can be hard to style your long hair in the summer when it feels more like a heavy fur coat. With mid-summer coming upon us, this Fashionista shows us just how liberating it can be to skip the typical long summer beach waves and opt for a short, low-maintenance look.

This Fashionista traded in her long locks for an airy mid-shoulder length. Instead of adding layers to make her hair heavier and weighed down, she had her hair stylist cut small angles into the front of her hair. This allows her ‘do to have shape but still be light and easy to take care of. When it came time for her to style her cut, she decided to straighten it. This gave her a sophisticated and put together look without needing to add an entire bottle of hairspray to hold it together on a humid day. This look is both chic and cool which is the perfect summer combo.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Start by going to your hair dresser and requesting a short cut that is slightly angled in the front. When going to style this cut, add a heat protective spray to dry hair to begin. Next run a straightener over strands until your desired look is achieved. Finally, add a drop of oil to keep hair moist and healthy, as well as to keep the ends of your hair from looking frazzled from the heat of your iron.