BEAUTY BAR: She's Got The (Beauty) Blues

Star light, star bright, this Fashionista’s look is out of sight! This cosmic queen couples punk attire and edgy makeup for a look deemed casual-cool. If Sailor Moon and the gang were around in real life, I’m certain Sailor Neptune would be dressed a little something like this.

This summer, we can all take note from this Fashionista. Dark eyeshadows, colored hair and vampy lipsticks make just, if not more, of a statement during the warm weather. Sure, the fear of your makeup sweating off in an instant may keep you from wearing anything heavy. However, by investing in a mattifying primer, your makeup will stay put all day long. Whether you want to channel something light and fresh or something bold like this Fashionista, it’s all about starting with a solid base. Plus, much like trendsetter Rihanna, this Fashionista shows us that unconventional lip colors are the way to go. Next time you’re heading out for night with the girls, try swapping your bold red lip for a dark tone.

To emulate this Fashionista’s look, it’s all about mastery of balance. A basic white tank top and high-waisted shorts provide a simple basis for the main part of her outfit—a (literally) star-studded jacket. Nostalgia fills the air as her rolled up her windbreaker, while her classic Dr. Martens pay homage to the ‘90s. Rather than wearing statement jewelry or flashy items, this look appears audacious with a string choker and septum ring.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? When wearing a bold lipstick like this Fashionista, keep the rest of your makeup on the natural side. Not sure what bold lip to go with? Start experimenting with a liquefied coral lipstick. Add a deep blush to even out your look.