BEAUTY BAR: Rumpled Bob

During summertime, people love to experiment with different trends to create bold and edgy looks. So why stop with clothing? I feel that more people should go outside their comfort zones and start playing with different hairstyles and color. Recently, I came across a Fashionista who dared to change her entire look by changing her hair. When I talked to her, she told me that she recently cut and dyed her previously long wavy hair. Her results were amazing! She now rocks a red medium length rumpled bob. This look has been a hot topic for Fashionistas all around the world for the past couple of years.

So, how did this beauty trend find its way into this summer? Well, this hairstyle actually had its first spike of popularity during the ’20s in the flapper era. This actually increased in popularity in the decades after. In the ’30s, people could observe how major celebrities adopted this look. Among them, we have major influencers like Jean Harlow, Anita Page and Norma Shearer.

As we all know, the bob hairstyle has definitely evolved. Besides the classic polished look, we now have a variety to choose from. We can see messy lobs like Sophie Bush’s, rumpled bobs like Kate Hudson’s or asymmetrical styles like Emma Robert’s among many others.

Back to this Fashionista. I truly believe she made a wise choice with the hair color. Not only does it stands out, but it’s vibrant essence works perfectly with the color palette she chose for this outfit. She was wearing a colorful print skort with a solid-colored crop top and matching wedges. She also included a pink Longchamp tote and a pair of leopard sunglasses with flower decorations on the sides. She finished the look with small accessories that made a nice contrast with the clothing.

Personally, I believe that in order to achieve a cohesive look people should take into consideration every aspect of their look. From the hair to the shoes, every decision must be strategically made.

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