BEAUTY BAR: Riding the Waves

August is here, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t be riding the waves! I’m not talking about ocean waves. Aside from fabulous and fashionable outfits, Fashionistas partake in accessorizing and beautifying. This Fashionista took comfort to the extreme. She kept herself very summery by going with a patterned dress and sandals. Although, the secret is in those waves..

This Fashionista’s hair is wavy and trendy! These loose, messy curls replicate those you’d see in your hair after coming out of the ocean or pool. She used a flat iron to achieve these curls! Using a flat iron to curl your hair is hard to do and takes patience. I love this hairstyle though because it’s very versatile. You could wear loose curls for any event in your life! By the look of her hair you could tell this Fashionista parted it down the middle, curled some of her front pieces and then chose to randomly curl other pieces.

Not only does this look add a bit of dramatic flavor to an outfit, but it also adds an intriguing curiosity to the girl behind the curls. It doesn’t take away from her outfit at all and it makes her face pop! This Fashionista chose to go all natural by putting on as little makeup as possible.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this look, first begin the process of curling your hair with a flat iron. Remember, not to go so high up on your hair because we are going for loose instead of tight curls. Shake out your hair a bit to loosen those curls up! To end off this look apply a lip moisturizer, small amount of foundation and mascara to those lashes! Enjoy riding the waves!