BEAUTY BAR: Red, So Hot Right Now

Red, the most important color of the summer season, is always making appearances in summer makeup trends. When deciding to implement red into a look, many would rather not go all out with a bright red dress. So, instead, these women focus on this bold, rich color with a small accent piece. This Fashionista was able to pull off every woman’s dream: red lipstick. Wearing red on one’s lips is the perfect utilization of the color that any woman can do. Not only is it the most versatile lip color for women of all skin tones, but it is also the biggest statement color!

Due to the summer heat, it is preferable to not wear too much foundation. This Fashionista took a natural approach by only applying makeup to her eyes and lips. Since the focal point is the red lipstick, she did not want to distract from that statement with drastic eyeliner. Coincidentally, this Fashionista has red accents in her hair, which were brought out by this bright, bold red lip color.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In order to recreate this wonderful beauty trend, you need red matte lipstickred hair coloring (if you are daring enough to go to that extreme) and orange tinted shades. It is crucial to not apply too much other makeup, as to keep your look natural. Also, if you have a fair skin complexion, like this Fashionista, spend some time in the sun to get some coloring into your skin.