BEAUTY BAR: Red Lip Wonder

Everyone has days where the sun is not shining, and you just don’t want to leave the cocoon of blankets you have built around yourself. The one thing that absolutely cheers me up no matter what, besides chocolate, is throwing on bright red lipstick. I love adding a red lip to a look because it not only takes 10 seconds to throw on, but it can bring any outfit you are wearing up to the next level, even simple T-shirts. Many people don’t realize the power that lipstick holds. Just a small pop of color on your lips can bring happiness and confidence, even on Mondays.

This Fashionista decided to put a little twist on her red lipstick. Instead of leaving it shiny, she patted her loose face powder on her lips to create a matte effect. Not only does this last all day, but it saves you from going out and buying your favorite lip color in matte form! This is a trick that I cannot wait to try!

To go with her DIY matte lip, she paired a black shift dress with a pair of black Birkenstocks. This outfit screams summer, with the on-trend Birkenstocks and the flowy shift dress. Especially on hot days, this dress is perfect for basically any event with the right accessories! She paired the dress with a military-inspired coat and a black floppy hat. Because this outfit is so minimalistic, adding the bright red lip was the perfect choice. It brought color to an overall neutral outfit and brightened up her face.

Adding a bright lip color is the perfect way to spice up any outfit, in the summer or the winter. It’s fun, flirty and really draws attention to your face. Just remember, even on a bad day, there is always lipstick!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Want this matte look without going out and spending money? Just take your everyday loose face powder and tap some on your lips with your ring finger. It will give your lipstick a matte look and will last all day long!