BEAUTY BAR: Red Hot 'Ting

For us natural haired beauties, summer is the time for protective styles and properly revitalizing the hair that you abused all school year. Protective styles are hairstyles that call for low maintenance, low manipulation and heat-free, which means yes you better put that flat iron down.

Dreads, or locs, are intentionally formed matted coils of hair. Known for his locs, Bob Marley donned a head full of long beautiful dreads, a formality in the Rastafarian lifestyle that he practiced. Other well know dread heads are Whoopi Goldberg or Stevie Wonder. Presently, more celebrities have dawned this dreaded look but in a less permanent way; faux locs.

Faux locs are just what you think they are, “fake dread locks” formed in a non-permanent   method but with hair extensions or yarn to create a similar look and texture of dread locs. This Fashionista did just that and went for a vivacious red color, emulating the Texas heat in the summer.

She did the faux locs herself, which is a very tedious job that has been beautifully done. The process includes first braiding your hair, then proceeding to wrap each individual braid with the Marley hair or yarn of your choosing; this Fashionista used red synthetic Marley hair. After it’s all said and done, you proceed to burn the ends of the “dreads” to prevent the hair from unravelling. Voila! Just like that, you’re Zendaya Colmen at the Oscars.

Adorned with some hair jewelry cuffs and a cute boho-chic outfit, this Fashionista is ready to go anywhere! Hair this bright is bound to attract all of the attention not to mention her bomb outfit.

Whats on the BEAUTY BAR: Most people go to hair professionals to get this done, but if you’re daring and talented like our Fashionista, you essentially need Marley hair in the color of your choice, braiding hair, a good YouTube tutorial video and lots of time and patience.