BEAUTY BAR: Radical Reds

Summer is a great season to play around with bright colors and bold patterns, to get out of our winter slump and do something exciting; whether that be with our clothes or with our makeup. But with fun summer experiments also comes the heat! We all have those days where putting on makeup that is just going to melt off from the humidity doesn’t feel worth it. Well this Fashionista has found a perfect recipe to avoid this type of hot sticky mess and it doesn’t involve much—no crazy contouring or eye shadow involved. The only steps involved here are finding the perfect shade for your red lip and creating that sexy cat eye to spice up any occasion.

Wearing makeup can become such a tedious and needy task at times, but with these simple and quick tips you will be just as fashionable as you were before while following steps twice as easy. Make a statement—with red lips you can take any simple outfit and turn it into something completely different just as you can with a bold eye liner. Of course pairing the two together is not for everyone, but when done right it can be one of the easiest and deadliest makeup combinations out there. The cat eye or “winged” eye liner can give your eyes that extra lift that they needed and send your whole outfit off of the deep end into sassy-chic. The two paired together (with minimal other face makeup) can turn an outfit from day to night or from business to casual within minutes.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look all you will need are two easy tools: your favorite gel liner and any shade of red lipstick (matte or glossy) that makes you feel “rad.” By exaggerating these two aspects of your face you will be able to draw attention to your face’s natural beauty while playing up only two aspects of your body all together. Simple, quick and effortless!