BEAUTY BAR: Rad Toe Polish

What a beautiful and detailed world we live in! From the ocean to the grass to the sizzling sun, every piece of the Earth contributes to how we take it in. The start of summer will be officially approaching this weekend, so why not break into it with bright and vibrant colors? As we all know, the sun is our best friend in the summer because it’s bright and holds two of the liveliest hues. Every time I see someone walking down the street with a bright look I have to stop him or her and ask all about why they are sporting that bright color.

Now, my Fashionista is breaking the wavelength with her neon orange toes! I can only imagine how many shades of nail polish there are because I’ve seen so many and I love about all of them. My Fashionista’s outfit consists of many dull and subtle colors, from the watch to the bracelet, except when we get to the toes; they speak volumes. The thing about nail polish is that you can do so much with it. Polish can always give life to an outfit—it just depends on the color. The lipstick is very calm with this outfit because the toes literally do all the talking. Nowadays we stay away from the designs because appreciating the natural strokes of the color of polish is just more classy.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To close the deal, we have nail polish, which is non-chip, on the beauty bar. Make sure when you’re sporting a very bold polish that you’re careful with every other color incorporated in your outfit!