BEAUTY BAR: Prominent Pout

The last few months while I’ve been blogging for CollegeFashionista, I’ve discussed a ton of trends and ways to style your personal look. I think the most exciting part of fashion is stepping outside of your comfort zone. Fashion gives you the freedom to be who you really want to be, and shows people your own personal take on the world. So here’s my question….why does this have to stop at just your clothing? How you style your hair and makeup are just as important!

I envy people who are as daring with their makeup as this Fashionista is. I often feel like I can’t pull off something as edgy as a bold lip color and brows. But I’ve been thinking about it lately, and maybe that is how everyone feels before they try a new beauty look! Fashion is one thing, but being trendy in terms of makeup is fearless in my opinion. Not everyone has the courage to play around with their look!

This Fashionista is very on trend with popular makeup trends right now. You can see berry pouts and full brows on the runway, in magazines and everywhere in NYC. Not only is this look relatively easy, but it is great from season to season. But remember when putting on the shade of lipstick to exfoliate your lips so it goes on smooth.

Use this Fashionista and other beauty gurus as an inspiration to change up your beauty look! Have you been dying to try that vampy lipstick or smokey eye? You are the only person stopping you! There is so much information on the Internet to help you create whatever look you want! Take advantage of it; I know I will! Not to mention, sometimes the makeup is what makes the whole outfit. This Fashionista is ready for whatever New York throws at her with her flawless outfit, cool sunnies and fearless makeup.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Trying out a new beauty trend can be intimidating, but getting new products is so exciting! Try buying products that you know is good quality and that you will use. There are so many lipsticks, eyeshadows and brow fillers to choose from.