BEAUTY BAR: Prim and Pink

The warm weather can be an asset for just about everything—except makeup, that is. It can be extremely frustrating when all you would like to be is prim and proper on a hot sunny day, yet the sun is out to melt all of your hard work right off. Our Fashionista pictured here, however, has the perfect solution: keeping the makeup light while applying touches of pink across her face, enough to make the pink in her shorts and Sperry Top-Siders really pop. Matching the makeup color with the outfit color produces a colorful and collected look amidst those dreadful scorching sun rays.

A hot makeup trend this summer is creating a defining, dark brow while highlighting the cheekbones with a light bronzer. Summer is all about achieving a shimmering skin tone, and so it is essential to give your face a glow that is both beautiful and refreshing. This Fashionista’s bronzed cheeks really complement the spots of brown that appear throughout her top. The golden bronze highlighter that this Fashionista uses enhances the cheeks and gives off a bright, fresh appearance. What brings this look together are the darkened brows achieved through the use of a chocolate brown brow pencil, which this Fashionista is showcasing here.

Adding hints of pink here and there as this Fashionista does not only brings out the pink in her outfit, but also creates rosy, feminine facial features. Dabbing touches of pink to the eyes, cheeks and lips all create a vibrant, romantic look that is perfect for conquering the sun on any occasion.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In order to recreate this look, all you need is a light pink eye shadow pallet, bronze highlighter, blush powder, a brown eyebrow pencil and light pink lip gloss. Make sure to keep the rest of your facial makeup to a minimum so that the pink color is able to fully stand on its own.