BEAUTY BAR: Pretty on Fleek

Cool, calm and collected are the three words I chant to myself when digging through my closet for my outfit for the day. As much I love to get dolled up, I can never seem to avoid a pair of ripped jeans, a basic T-shirt and Converse shoes. When dealing with my hair and face, I keep it 100 percent natural in fear of sweating off dollars spent on products from MAC and Estee Lauder. But as I toured my college campus, I caught this Fashionista running errands for her onsite internship. Although her outfit was quite fashionable, it was her strong, bold brows that knocked me down—hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek!

While catching up with this Fashionista, I learned that she decided to keep natural and light by selecting her greatest asset to highlight, one that also complements her ensemble. Rocking a beautiful sleeveless chiffon button-down in salmon pink, this Fashionista kept focus by paring it with neutral-colored leggings from H&M, a basic pair of tennis shoes in black from Target and selecting her eyebrows to highlight while keeping the rest of the face completely natural. Capturing this Fashionista, I hashtag these pictures #PrettyOnFleek.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need a small angled brow brush, brow gel in a neutral color and brow setting gel in clear. Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup light and neutral and allow the sun to give you a more natural glow. If you’re in need of light coverage, this Fashionista recommends a CC cream from L’Oreal Paris.