BEAUTY BAR: Pretty in Pink

We girls are always looking for the perfect way to complete our outfits. Some choose to go with accessories like a to-die-for purse, oversized sunnies, killer heels or a gorgeous necklace, while others find their ideal finishing touch in the form of the holy grail that we all know as makeup. Winged eyeliner, super long eyelashes, trendy ombré lips or even classic bright ones—all these undoubtedly have the ability to give creativity and personality to any outfit.

As a girl who will never, ever, ever be seen outside the house without lipstick on, hearing that lipstick is one of my great loves shouldn’t really come as a surprise to any of you. I always appreciate the girl who fearlessly rocks a bold red, a vampy plum or even a simple nude…I’m also extremely appreciative of the amazing moment when you come across a perfect new lipstick shade. But for your sake, I’d rather we not get into that right now.

Looking at this Fashionista, I’m immediately struck by one big thing in her look: her bright pink lipstick that is super flattering and that doesn’t fail to grab everyone’s attention. To me, hot pink screams summer, fun and a certain type of edginess that only a few people can actually pull off very well. And this Fashionista certainly does. Her summery look is epitomized by her fab pink lipstick and is completed by her choice of bright yellow loose pants, a floral crop top, high orange wedges, flash tattoos and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.

So, yeah, if you’re still one of those out there desperately looking for the right way to add some more glamour to your outfits, take my advice and go for a fun lipstick. It never fails and, trust me, you definitely won’t regret the choice.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this look, simply line your lips with a similar colored lip liner and then apply your favorite shade of bright pink lipstick. Pat your lips gently with a tissue and then reapply the lipstick so that it stays on longer. And there you go—you have the perfect hot pink lip!