BEAUTY BAR: Pretty in Pink

Being able to play with hair and beauty during the summer season can be just as much fun as experimenting with your look in terms of clothes and accessories. One trend that sees a spike in the early summer is unusually-colored hair. It seems that there is always a color or two that everyone veers towards as a go-to.

One constant that has come up every single summer is pink. This Fashionista has the top of her fro a dark pink, which acts as a contrast to her dark outfit. Coloring your hair can be a lot of fun, especially if your summer wardrobe seems limited or boring. Once you add in a fun color like this, it can become the perfect summer shade and the perfect addition to your look for the summer.

Whats on the BEAUTY BAR? Attempting to introduce this trend into your life can be tricky because it involves altering your hair’s natural state with chemicals. Some of us are wary about professional salons or our own abilities to dye our own hair. Thanks to the world of beauty, there are a few different ways to get around this! You could always try out hair chalk first to see if you like the look. It can be used on you hair to achieve the crazy- colored hair look without the damage. You can also find great colored extensions to clip in and add something fun. You can find synthetic hair extensions or human hair extensions to try, depending on how natural you want it to look. And if you love the look enough, you can always transition your color into fall!