BEAUTY BAR: Pop Of Color

I was inspired and felt so much girl power after watching NikkieTutorials’ “The Power of MAKEUP!” on her YouTube channel. I highly recommend you check this out because it is just a great refresher of why we wear makeup. Lately so many women feel ashamed of wearing too much makeup when the art of is just fun! Well, sometimes fun. Not fun when you have to race to put on your makeup. But when you take pride in your smokey eye look, you have to admit to the little skip in your step when your makeup is on fleek.

Every so often, I feel the need to switch up my makeup after falling into a routine of the same products applied the same way every time. What better way than a pop of color? I have to admit I am always timid of color as well, but there are so many resources like YouTube and the beauty counter consultants to help explain any look. A pop of color on the eyes has been a beauty must-do and in every shade. To coordinate this eye look with your outfit, try pulling a color from a piece you will be wearing or go with a neutral outfit.

Our Fashionista is no newcomer to color, therefore her inspiration for her eye look came from her dress. She chose two shades of purple that can be found in her dress but made sure to keep the rest of her face very simple. Since her pop of color was very bright, she used a black shadow as her eyeliner to soften the look. Even after her special event, her eye look was still an eye-catcher and able to match any neutral outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Since the eyes are the main focus, we will be keeping the rest of the face very simple. The eye look will consist of two pop-of-color eyeshadows that work together. These can be found in duo sets to make your search easier. You will also need to apply black eyeliner and mascara to open up your eyes. Lastly, apply your concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer as usual. This time, skip the lip color and head for some moisturizing lip balm!