BEAUTY BAR: Pink is the New Blonde

February 10th, 2017 at 2:06am
BEAUTY BAR: Pink is the New Blonde

When you first look at this Fashionista, what pops out to you instantly? If your answer is that vivid hair color, your answer is correct. The cheetah jacket that she paired with this outfit isn’t even taking away from her hair color, her hair is the entire statement.

I decided to photograph this Fashionista because adding a statement to your wardrobe like pink or blue hair is something that is very trendy right now, celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner are wearing colored wigs all the time. I also love the eyelash extensions she has, they give the makeup an effortless look with no mascara necessary. Very much like the colored hair, eyelash extensions are also a very popular beauty trend right now!

Something else that cannot go unnoticed is her beautiful skin. This Fashionista uses a light contour and highlight to make her skin glow. This Fashionista also says in order to get your skin to glow, it is crucial to always remove your makeup before bed then wash and moisturize your face. Lastly, to tie this beauty look together, she has added a pop of color on her face to complement the hair by applying her favorite strong matte lipstick. Other than the beautiful hair and eyelash extensions this Fashionista is rocking, allow me to quickly add a little about her exotic outfit as well. From the cheetah coat to the lace-up jeans and the fierce Steve Madden boots, this Fashionista could rule the world. Even with all of this detail and print, the focus is still on her hair and radiant face.

So maybe pink is the new blonde, and if you’re considering dying your hair a bright, fun color, my advice is go for it! Hair grows back and hair can be dyed back, you’re supposed to have a little fun in the fashion world!