BEAUTY BAR: Perfect Summer Waves

The summer heat makes it hard to find a great hairstyle that will hold throughout the day without that humidity sneaking up and turning it into a frizzy mess. It can be really hard to find a summer hairstyle that both looks good and is easy to do! A perfect hairstyle for this kind of weather may be beach waves. People are calling it the “perfectly undone” look.

Beach waves create an effortless summer look. It is pretty much the perfect summer hairstyle for any occasion. Yeah, maybe they didn’t actually come straight from the beach, but you will definitely have people thinking they did! They add just the right amount of effort for summer hair and they hold! This Fashionista created the perfect summer day outfit. The floral lace, white shirt looks perfect paired with an earthy tone, loose fitted short. The beach waves top off the outfit and give it an effortless look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? There are many different ways that you can recreate this look. To get beach waves, this Fashionista used Wella Style Primer, then curled it with the BabyBliss curling iron and topped the look off with smooth and seal by SEXY hair products, which is an anti-friz and shine spray! To create this look without using any heat tools, such as a curling iron, you can simply start with damp hair. After this, apply a curling cream. You can then twist or braid your hair into three sections and let it completely dry. The effect should be the same!