BEAUTY BAR: Pastel Princess

Ever have those raging rebel days where you just want to change your look, try a new style, maybe change your name? Okay, maybe not your name, but what better way than to switch up your main accessory then with your hair? This summer, unleash your inner wild child while still keeping it fashionable with temporary hair dye.

I always love the freedom summer brings with extra time to try new things out you never thought of doing when stressing about finals and research papers. You finally have time on your side to cut your locks, dye them and feel like a renovated you for the upcoming fall semester. Dynamic hair has all the characteristics desired to achieve a look that will freshen up your old locks, have you stand out from the crowd and above all, add some extra excitement to your summer bucket list.

The Fashionista I managed to capture sported the daring colored hair. Ombré pastel lavender hair brushes her shoulders, executing the trend celebrities such as Abbey Lee, Iggy Azalea, Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff have been raving about this season. Let your hair have some fun this summer!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This Fashionista featured temporarily dyed her hair ombré with Ion Color Brilliance lavender hair dye. She took a trip to the salon to get it professionally done and my suggestion is to have professionals handle your hair when wanting to achieve such a drastic change to an area as sensitive as your hair. Show a picture to your hair stylist of the color and style you’d like to achieve. Here’s a video if you’re comfortable enough to dye your own hair. Not ready for the semi-longterm change, opt for hair chalk instead. Here’s another video showing you how to do this at home which is a more affordable option. It is easy to do for a quick change that you can wash off the day after and alternate colors without damage being done to your strands.