BEAUTY BAR: Out With The Old, In With The Ombré

We’ve all been there, stuck in the hair rut. One day, we are praising it for being long and bouncy and then the next day we are pulling it into a ponytail because we can’t stand it being in our face. Then comes the time we make the hair appointment where we walk into the salon head high and ideas pouring onto the stylist. Only the few and the brave go for what this Fashionista did with ombré. She didn’t just do a subtle change as she took her dark brown hair and made it pop with blonde!

Her fierce hair matches her fierce personality. When I asked her to give me her best hair look she knew exactly what to do—purse the lips and love the camera. The dramatic contrast in the two colors is perfect for summer. In the winter many people go for a red tone, but summer is the perfect time for blonde as many brunettes fear going all blonde and having an ombré is a great way to experiment.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this look, I suggest going to a salon and having it professionally done, but there are some store kits out there. If you want the natural look, Target carries a line from L’Oréal called Feria. If you want more crazy colors try Splat Ombré Rain from Walgreens and if you want straight blonde like this Fashionista try Blond Brilliance from Sally Beauty Supply.