BEAUTY BAR: Nothing But Nude

You may have noticed that “statement lips” aren’t making as much of a statement anymore since everyone and their mother is doing it. Statement lip colors like bright purples and cherry reds became such a hit in the recent years because they were shocking and bold. Today, you can walk down the street and see every other person running errands in lip colors you previously only saw on red carpets or on daring fashion icons. The intrigue of a bold lip, was that it was in fact, bold. Unfortunately that is long gone. Nude lips, on the other hand, currently have the opposite effect.

Nude lips have transcended into a new classic replacing the ’50s red lips look. The best part about them is that they have a dual purpose. This Fashionista demonstrates how the nude lip strategically downplays the rest of her face by emphasizing her smokey eyes and long lashes. Her nude lips are lined which makes them look even more full and beautiful. This Fashionista has mastered the nude lip look and her black, white and neutral ensemble emphasizes the classic and timeless vibe she is going for. This subtle fashion phenomenon  is one that is definitely NOT overrated.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? There are a handful of things you’ll need to mimic this look. First is a smokey eye set and mascara. These two products will ensure the perfect smokey eye to complement your nude lips. For the nude lip you’ll need lipliner, lipstick and a gloss. With this combo, you’ll be ready to go!