BEAUTY BAR: Not Your Normal Ombré

As someone who’s always been attracted to impulse decisions with her own hair and outward self-expression and individuality, it is no wonder why this Fashionista’s mane caught my eye. Ombré is normally when one’s hair gradually fades from a darker brown at the root to a lighter brown or blonde at the tips. The ombré revolution first sparked up a few years ago, giving those of us born with darker hair an opportunity to have an effortless lighter look without having to keep up with highlights or bleaching out our entire head. When the style first came around, it wasn’t one of my favorite looks. At the time it seemed as if every girl had the style which made it a little less enticing to me. However, ever since celebrities like Hilary Duff and Kelly Osbourne made it fashionable and more accessible to dye your hair funky and “unnatural” colors, girls all over the world have made it their mission to try out these new, fun styles on their own locks.

While this Fashionista remained subtle in her colored ombré, she still created an awesome mix of colors. The first thing to notice about her hair is how it is done so chunkily in comparison to how most choose to gradually fade the two opposite colors together. In doing so, she creates a dramatic look as her hair jumps from her short black roots immediately to the light mix of colors at her ends. In addition to this feature, one can’t help but notice the combination of hues in the nearly white portion of her hair. In between the brassy blonde pieces, there peeks out shades of a very soft lilac and silvery strands of hair. While she leaves her long hair unstyled—just down and in its natural wavy state—it seems to add another layer to an almost ethereal everyday look.

Most people’s concern with dying their hair to these “unnatural” colors is how it would affect their day-to-day wardrobe. Would they have to be concerned if their hair matched their clothing? The answer is no—and this Fashionista’s outfit proves it. She doesn’t choose to stick to light colors or even add any shades of purple to her look. Instead she chooses something more edgy and dark: a black graphic tank top, denim shorts and a red plaid shirt which she tied around her waist. It all brings out the dramatic tones of her hair, even if the reds of her flannel and black of her tank top don’t perfectly match her silvery, lilac ends.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? I’m a firm believer in sticking to hair salons when it comes to coloring your own hair, especially when trying out these new, vivid colors. If you want something similar that you can more easily (and safely) achieve at home, try hair chalk! It’s temporary, but you can get some really cool pastel streaks in your hair and wash it out the next day if you don’t like it.