BEAUTY BAR: Neutral Tones

Let’s face it, now that summer is here most people look forward to wearing less makeup or even worst…no makeup at all! Before you start thinking about wearing a bare face in public, shift your makeup routine towards a flawless dewy, refreshed and glowy skin. Summer is all about letting the sun hit your face while embracing your natural glow. I spotted this Fashionista around campus looking calm in this 90-degree weather.

The jumpsuit this Fashionista is rocking is very casual and super comfy which describes her personality and individual style. This Fashionista decided to wear a neutral makeup look to match her brown jumpsuit. Her makeup is minimal for an everyday look as she wore warm tone eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner, concealer blush and a highlight. The attention is immediately drawn to her eyeshadow as the warm colors of the eyeshadow make her brown eyes pop. Wearing makeup in this humid weather can be stressful, but the key to having flawless makeup in the summertime is to buy the right type of products for your skin type. This makeup look is easy to achieved and it will not required you to stand in the mirror for an hour.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this makeup look, you will need neutral eyeshadows, waterproof mascara, eyebrow pencil, highlighting powder liquid eyeliner and a lip stain. This makeup look will go with any outfit, so it is perfect for you to wear on an everyday bases. Whether you’re going out or just feel like embracing the summer vibes, this Fashionista recommended that you try out this makeup look.