July 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

The summer is the perfect time to bring out your funky colored clothes and makeup. It’s the perfect time to play around with the neon colors that complement the summertime. A true Fashionista is never afraid of a little (or a lot of) color. Making bold and daring choices and finding a way to flawlessly implement them into your outfit is a sure way to make you stand out and be the conversation piece in the room.

With so many different neon lipsticks available, it is easy for every
Fashionista to find a color that she absolutely loves. However, playing with colors can be very risky.Neon colors are especially tricky. Buying cheap neon lipstick can result in you looking more like you belong at a rave than strutting your stuff on the street. That’s what makes neon lipstick that much more impressive when pulled off correctly.

My favorite way of wearing neon lipstick is by pairing it with an outfit containing dark colors and a natural face. The contrast between the bright neon lip and the darker colors of your ensemble is what attracts attention. This Fashionista’s outfit embodies this trend flawlessly. Her “Neon Orange” lipstick by MAC blends with both her skin tone and the tones in her outfit. Her crown up-do takes her hair away from her face and allows the lipstick to be the focal point. Her gold hairband and sunglasses tie this Fashionista’s outfit together, leaving her ready to be that spark of color to brighten up everyone’s day.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you will need a bright or neon colored lipstick or lip stain and a clear chapstick. Certain lipsticks and lip stains tend to leave your bright lips looking bleak and dry. A clear chapstick will keep your lipstick bright and hydrated throughout the day.