BEAUTY BAR: Naturally Neutral

If you have been reading this blog for a while, many of you know I am all about the minimal trend this summer. With this in mind, this Fashionista’s stark white nails represent this trend perfectly. From crisp nails to white eyeliner, this makeup trend transcends all forms of social media. Seen on Pinterest, We Heart It and Instagram, this minimal beauty trend is here to stay.

This Fashionista’s neutral off white nails coupled with the addition of the accenting gold rings makes the stark nail color stand out against the dark blues of the button-down shirt and shorts combination. Thus, drawing the viewer’s eye straightforward to the nails at hand. Her minimal makeup does not detract from the nails, like the addition of a bright lipstick could. By not having a statement lip, it keeps the Fashionista exuding a chill and flawless vibe.

Neutral nails work for every outfit, but since this outfit is monochromatic it is best to not add any unique nail patterns to it. The best way to stand out with this outfit is instead, to blend in. The monochromic colors create a cohesive base for the nails to stand out. With this rule in mind, it’s best to stay as neutral and unassuming with your nail color, and instead put the focus of your unique style on your jewelry instead. This helps to complement the addition of your new nails.

If you want to be a bit more daring but still fashion-forward, try instead adding a light toffee colored addition, instead of the white nails our Fashionista is sporting.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look choose a nail polish with neutral colors in mind. Think along the lines of color such as tan, black or gray. Or even take a cue from our Fashionista herself and go with the classy color white. Make sure to make your polish last as long as possible. By painting on a clear base coat polish before and after you apply the color polish, you can make sure it lasts for all your day to day activities.