BEAUTY BAR: Natural Waves Topped With A Pom-Pom Hat Please

Nothing reminds girls of their childhood more than playing dress up. There are a lot of beauty tricks and styles we used as kids that unknowingly foreshadowed our future selves. For this Fashionista, that was done when she decided to wear a pom-pom hat in the colder months. This Fashionista is looking grunge and sporty. Behind her sporty grunge young adult look, she still carries that inner child with her hat. It’s just the right amount of cute because it balances her look.

Styling hair can be to say the least problematic. Cool natural waves though is a beauty bar look that makes hat season go a lot smoother. When hair is styled to perfection, it can get tedious. Yet doing something like natural waves can strike someone as being feminine without having to try so hard. Replicate this method by styling your hair with a curling wand or when in doubt of your professional skills try a different technique. Such as, putting hydration oil in damp hair and then taking your hair into a tight ballerina bun with a clip to hold it. Then just pick any hat to keep you from the cold, a pom-pom hat doesn’t have to be your only choice, and go with it!

Recreate this look by finding the right leathers for you. Leather jacket and boots are the perfect ensemble with ripped up jeans. The sleeveless white knit shirt is a good contrast to have underneath leather. She also is wearing a couple labels such as Ray-Ban aviators and a Rebecca Minkoff mini M.A.C. bag. Her accessory is a simple two stranded triangle necklace. It’s an ensemble that is guaranteed to create the ultimate winter style.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The pom-pom hat look is all about the hair. Loose waves or a long bob makes it easier to style. To recreate this look style hair in loose waves by using a curling wand to create luscious locks. Then simply place the hat over the hair, and you’re good to go.