BEAUTY BAR: Natural Products for a Natural Look

For a lot of us girls throwing on makeup is embedded into our daily routine, but have you ever stopped to think what exactly is in the products we apply to our skin each day? Who were our products tested on before they were sent off to end up in our makeup bags? Or even how much waste a single tube of mascara creates from start to finish?

The answers to these questions can sometimes be a little tricky to find, but lucky for us LUSH beauty products have our back. Often known for their whimsical bath bombs, LUSH is home to a huge collection of cosmetic, skin and hair care that will satisfy any beauty Guru’s needs. The products are made out of a variety of fresh and natural ingredients that can often be found in your kitchen cupboard, utilizing safe synthetics where necessary.  Not only can you expect fresh ingredients but you can feel good about the processes behind them as LUSH has made huge strides to protect and conserve the environment and its resources.

This Fashionista is rocking some of my personal favorite fresh-face cosmetics that she can be sure were not tested on animals and were handmade made in fair working conditions. Applied in seconds, the neutral but bold brown shadow allowed her eyes to pop but compliment her effortless and laid back look. The eye shadow’s sparkle and luster comes from natural ingredients. This ensures that non-biodegradable microplastics, including many glitters, don’t end up down the drain and into our oceans for organisms to consume. As with any look, you can never go wrong with bold black lashes. LUSH has put together a wheatgrass based formula in order to ensure your lashes will stay strong and conditioned.

Don’t stop at cosmetics! Treat your hair to naturally nourishing products as well. My go-to hair products are Fairly Traded Honey and American Cream as they provide tons of moisturize and leave my locks feeling light and smelling fresh.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This look can be done in minutes with the help of some makeup must haves. For someone who doesn’t have the natural talent of perfecting a smokey eye in seconds, a cream eye shadow will become your new best friend. Like this Fashionista, I recommend you opt for a more neutral tone that will compliment any look. To finish off, sweep on a few coats of mascara. Although a foundation free face always feels best on those hot summer days, if you must, reach for a tinted moisturizer or color supplement for a little bit of coverage and a lightweight feel. For an easy but bold hairstyle part your hair down the center, dutch braid the two sides and throw the ends into a messy ponytail. No harsh hairsprays needed for this look as the messier the better.