BEAUTY BAR: Natural Beauty

In my past article about weekend wear, I mentioned how pageant perfect curls or heavy makeup can ruin a look. This week, I wanted to go into a little more detail and write about the beauty of natural hair and makeup. For those of you wondering why I included a picture of the Fashionista’s shoes in an article about hair and makeup, I remind you that I have a serious addiction to shoes. Enough said.

The Fashionista’s outfit, especially her top, is bright, fun and perfect for summer. Her hair, which is straightened with a slight curl at the end, accentuates her relaxed look. There is nothing wrong with taking the time to straighten your hair this summer, or wearing your natural curls! Just don’t spend two hours doing your hair each morning. Let your hair down, put it up in a messy bun and be lazy with it. It’s summer, after all.

If you’re not comfortable going all natural, wearing foundation is a good way to cover up any blemishes or dark circles you may have. However, go to Sephora, Ulta or a beauty store that will match you to a foundation because it is not okay to have skin white as snow but a face as orange as a traffit cone. I understand wanting to be tan, (trust me I really do), but please take my advice: it is perfectly acceptable to be pale in summer!

When it comes to eye makeup, keep it natural! Save the smokey eye for night life because it is entirely too hot during the day. I highly suggest sticking with natural eye shadow colors that are slightly lighter or darker than your skin tone and using only a little bit of mascara. Wearing eyeliner is okay, too. Just make sure you find a brand you can trust in the summer heat.

For lips, stick with a trusted lip balm. If you’re wanting to add a little color, find a tinted lip balm. They come in a variety of colors that are both beautiful and effective.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To emphasize your beauty while keeping a natural look, start with a trusted foundation before adding in light shades of eye color and your favorite mascara. Finish this look with a lip balm that can easily be taken with you and reapplied when needed.