BEAUTY BAR: My Dark Lip Fantasy

This winter has brought very unpredictable weather. We have seen snow, rain and even relatively warmer temperatures. It is times like these where trying to decide what to wear on an everyday basis is difficult; one day there may be a snow storm and the next day, you could leave your coat at home.

It is also a huge headache trying to deal with makeup in cold, unpredictable weather. The snow and rain could wash away your makeup (depending on the severity) and the colder temperatures make skin dry. This is why it is important to use a moisturizing primer. This primer will not only make your makeup last longer, but will also keep your skin as hydrated as possible. I tend not to wear as much makeup during less than ideal weather (snow and rain) because I don’t want to waste my time and effort putting on a lot of makeup just for it to get messed up. This Fashionista did the same with her look, keeping her makeup minimal and the focus on her eyebrows and dark lip color. To bring the makeup look together and to stay warm, she wore a heavy layered poncho, thick black jeggings and Timberland mirrored wedges. Her two french braids also made it hard for any weather to mess up her hair.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Achieving this look is super simple and affordable. All you need is a moisturizing face primer, your favorite dark lipstick and your best brow pencil.