BEAUTY BAR: Mother Of Dragons

The summer sun and humidity can ruin a good hair day. Instead of spending time using straighteners or curlers this summer, embrace your natural hair and have fun with wearing it up. This Fashionista’s doubled French braids are a perfect way to beat the heat. Braided styles have been seen a lot lately on the popular show Game of Thrones. This Fashionista proves that you don’t need super long locks in order to channel your inner Khaleesi. Braids are a great way to show off the varying tones in your hair. If the sun has highlighted your hair, throwing it in braids will show off the sun-kissed look and this Fashionista’s ombre can be seen woven into her French braids.

This Fashionista keeps the rest of her outfit simple, sticking to black, white and silver jewelry. Adding a striped tank top or bralette under the T-shirt shows off personal style. This Fashionista keeps her makeup natural with an everyday makeup look that enhances her long lashes and strong brows. She lets her hairstyle be the main focus of the look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this look you will need hair elastics and lots of bobby pins, depending on how long your hair is. If you aren’t super confident in your French braid skills, check out a YouTube tutorial for some tips. Having a fine-tooth comb and a handheld mirror can also help. Fashionistas’ with finer hair can use a sea salt texture spray to make the braids hold better. A texture spray can also be used if you want beachy waves when you take out the braid. Make sure to use a finishing spray to settle flyaways and add shine.