BEAUTY BAR: Mermaid Hair

Summer is time for cool, fun beauty trends, and though colored hair has been a trend for years now, it is still going strong. Ever since I saw Aquamarine in theaters for my 8th birthday party, my dream has always been to explore the ocean and live life as a mermaid. Too bad I’m too indecisive and too scared when it comes to coloring my hair – what if it doesn’t come out the way I envisioned in my head?! Not to mention, I also don’t have a tail nor the ability to hold my breath underwater for long periods of time (my dream was crushed).

This Fashionista, however, has taken a beauty tip from Aquamarine and has turned my dream into a more practical reality. While most people would stick to fun and bold makeup trends like bright eyes shadows or colorful lips, this Fashionista takes bold to a whole new level with a pretty blue ombre. Since this is such a bright statement, it’s best to stay neutral with clothing, makeup and accessories. This Fashionista utilizes this by pairing a black tank top with some fun, though neutral flowy Ecote pants. For accessories, she pairs a simple necklace and watch with a nude Kate Spade handbag.

Don’t forget—there are so many other hair dye colors to try out! You can rock a deep purple or a lilac shade, a hot pink, pretty pastel or even a forest green. The limits really are endless and it’s all temporary, so have fun with it!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, all you need a simple eye shadow shade, a pretty lip color to complement the colored hair and just a little bit of mascara. By keeping the rest of your look light, your hair can really take the stage! Add a little bronzer for a nice glow and you’re ready for the summer!