BEAUTY BAR: Make A Statement

Every woman desires for a fresh and dominating look for the summer.  In fact, minimalist makeup looks are trending this summer. In recent hashtags and trending, the minimum makeup challenge has been dominating social media, with women and men learning to accept the natural beauty that they have and to love themselves this summer. Not to mention, this summer’s weather has been extremely hot and humid.  So instead of having your makeup melt away and look like a hot mess, a more natural look is preferred.  But although emulating a natural look is perfect on it’s own, this summer is about being bold and adding a complemented contrast.  What’s the memo and trend Fashionistas are talking about?  Making a statement by keeping a natural look and wearing a lipstick that pops.  It’s true and it’s a summer trend that is dominating right now.  Not only have Fashionistas’ been making a statement this summer with lipstick, but they get creative with this beauty trend by applying bold colors to their lips and having fun with it.  Whether you’re on campus, going to a party or even going out with friends for a day on the beach, looking good this summer doesn’t take anymore more effort than just deciding which lip color suits you the best.

When making a lipstick statement, it’s all about choosing a color that complements your skin and hair color the best. So before purchasing a lipstick, test out different colors and think of which color you could see yourself getting the best use out of. The primary idea of making a statement through your lips is the fact that you make it your pivotal focus. So, keep your face makeup light with natural bronzing powders and contouring and apply a little contrast, yet, natural look to the eyes so that they don’t look washed out. Keeping your makeup light will provide balance for your look without it being over the top and a mess. Plus, it saves you from epic disaster if it’s a hot day and your makeup feels like it’s melting off of you. With a neutral base and your pick of a lip color, choose an outfit based on your makeup look decisions and go from there. This Fashionista chose a scarlet red shade from NARS and completed her look with a light smudge of brown eyeliner around her eyes and a natural contour.  Her denim look and Steve Madden wedged shoes complement this look by keeping it very simple, but also, fashionable and comfortable to wear out on a sunny day.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need to begin by putting a base coat of a chapstick on your lips.  When applying your lipliner afterwards, this will allow for your lines to be smooth without it looking chunky or obvious.  Choose a lipliner that matches the lip color of your choice and draw it on the border of your lips. Lastly, put on your lip color.