BEAUTY BAR: Lovely Lob

Debating on whether or not to do the “chop” to your hair? Now is the perfect time to take the plunge! Lob stands for long bob. If you are anything like me, then you know your Pinterest hair board has been overflowing with lob pins. This hairstyle has been swarming the hair scene recently and many celebrities have been rockin’ this do’! If you are looking for hair-spiration, check out Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale who have been wearing this hairstyle for the past season.  If you have already taken the plunge into the lob world, then you are RAD. Keep reading to learn how to style the lob for any occasion!

This Fashionista is slayin’ the lob game. The lob hairstyle is cut very piecey, blunt and textured which makes it very versatile to style. To accomplish this Fashionista’s hairstyle is simple. Just grab your curling wand (big or small barrel) and take small sections of the hair and wrap it around the wand. Once all the sections are complete, just run your fingers through your hair and add a sea salt spray or light hairspray. Then VOILA! You have voluminous, effortless looking curls. If you are not feeling the curls that day, just take your straightener or blow dryer to you your hair and add a texturizing clay to the ends.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To accomplish this look, you must have the right products. Keep in mind before applying head to your hair, you must protect it. Having heat protector spray is vital for the health of your hair.  My favorite styling product would have to be the Not Your Mothers Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Just a couple sprays of this product and your hair will be bouncing with texture and not to mention it smells like coconuts! If you want even more texture and volume, a good dry shampoo will do the trick!