BEAUTY BAR: Loosen Up With A Pony

Mastering the art of natural hair-dos can be harder than one might think. From one Fashionista to another, I struggle with making my hair look effortlessly good. My hair is thick and frizzy, and for me it’s a glorious day when my hair falls the right way. However, as I keep practicing with doing my hair, I have learned one very essential key to doing loose ponies or loose buns. It is important to not over do your hair-do. It is okay to have imperfections. Let loose strands fall around your face. When you’re doing a messy hair style, it is important to realize that having a bump in your hair is okay.

This Fashionista shows the perfect example of an easy and simple loose pony. Her hair is parted down the middle and pulled back into a low pony with some hairs loose around her face. She complements this hairstyle with an outfit composed of a white crop top that has a scalloped edge and light washed boyfriend jeans. She accessorizes with a couple of bracelets, a brown colored statement bracelet and some brown open toed heeled shoes. Her hairstyle, while being practical for the summer, is also on trend and does not take away from her fashionable outfit.

Her preferred brands of makeup are FIT by Maybelline for their foundation and powder, and she also loves MAC for their pink lipstick. She loves to go for a natural look with minimal eyeliner, mascara and a pop of color on her lips.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this amazing look all you need is a hair tie and you can curl, straighten or leave your hair as is. Part it whichever way you like and just pull your hair back into a low pony by the back of your neck. Don’t forget to leave a few strands around your face. For makeup just stay natural with your foundation and poweder. Grab a bright color lipstick like this Fashionista, and you are ready to go!