BEAUTY BAR: Lively Locks And Lovely Lipstick

I didn’t see the appeal of lipstick for the longest time: zero lip gloss, zilch lip stain. Then, I tried on one of my mom’s Mary Kay reds. It was love at first swipe, and more than a few years later, I still have that first red. Lambast me with beauty sin reprimands if you will, but I just can’t let it go. And next thing I knew, I was on the quest for three shades: deep aubergine, brick red and the perfect fuchsia. This Fashionista has most certainly found her perfect fuchsia. Red lipstick may be the classic of the bunch and violet, the trendy one, but I think hot pink is the new P.Y.T. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal in order to keep the look refined. However, a pairing with a cool silver or teal eyeliner has nice futuristic potential, and some Twiggy lashes could complete a rad, mod look. My absolute favorite accompaniment for hot pink lipstick is an oversized jean jacket. I don the duo quite a bit, and this Fashionista kills it.

Jeans jackets are classic staples, bar none. We continually seek ways to personalize and repurpose these and other deemed “classics”: a silk scarf spun around the wrist, trenchcoats fashioned in jewel tones, brooches haphazardly pinned to anything except a lapel. All these things add character to our outfits and bolster the identities we wish to portray.

This Fashionista decked out her jacket with a menagerie of bright pins, complementing the light wash perfectly. Rather than going for the Gap classic of true blue and fitted, don an oversized iteration. Embroidery is one of the latest big trends, and denim iterations are particularly alluring. Stella McCartney and the Reformation released killer jeans and shorts, respectively, and Urban Outfitters has an embroidered jacket that I am head over heels for (p.s. It’s on sale, guys).

Now let’s talk about those stunning unicorn locks. If you’d rather stick your pinky toes in rather than performing a full corkscrew off the diving board—consider dying a hidden streak, two or three inches at the tips or your roots, a cool idea I spotted on a recent runway. My first foray into hair dye was a royal blue streak in my sandy brown-blonde hair that I got with my sister. It faded to ice blue, and I was one thrilled 14-year-old.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? NARS Schiap is a star player, but I’m partial to Givenchy’s Fuchsia Irrésistible. NYX has a really great soft matte lip cream that costs less than a Chipotle burrito. As for the hair, think about skin tone and most often worn clothing colors before deciding on a shade. Standard advice is to trust a salon professional if you’re naturally brunette. I have a friend who comes out of Sally’s with armloads of product and has tried every hue of the rainbow.