BEAUTY BAR: Let's Talk Lipstick

I’m not much of a makeup girl. My daily makeup routine only consists of mascara and a swipe of blush. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and always awe over girls with a perfect cat eye, but just the thought of having to wear foundation and contouring is so daunting. When I met this Fashionista she had the perfect makeup look for a girl like me: simple, yet chic. Although she wasn’t caking on layers and covering up her natural beauty, she still stood out from the rest.

That’s right! You can wear minimal makeup and still feel beautiful. All you need to be a total draw dropper is wear some bold lipstick. This Fashionista’s red lips pulled her whole look together and she paired her polished makeup look with a printed crop top, some high-waisted shorts and a cute cross-body bag.

The great thing about lipstick is that it is so versatile as it can dress up any evening look, or even brighten up your day style. It’s crazy how a bold lip can give you so much confidence! Give it a try, step out of your comfort zone and get that bright lip shade you’ve been dreaming of. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this look, you will need some moisturizing chapstick, a bold red lipstick and a big smile to show it all off! Just make sure to wear natural colors for any other makeup you are wearing so it doesn’t clash with your lips.