BEAUTY BAR: Let's Be Royals

Sometime,s I can’t help but wonder if having an eye for great style comes with the royal crown. After all, there’s no denying the strong influence Britain’s royal family has on some of America’s favorite fashion trends. However, I suppose fashion consequently becomes a way of life when the paparazzi is always lurking around every corner. Nonetheless, our aristocratic attention is not something new. In fact, the media has followed the royal family for years. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana both had many stylish moments caught on camera, but Duchess Kate Middleton is currently one of fashion’s greatest inspirations. Middleton has become an icon for her poised and graceful style, which is why she was able to coin the classic half-up hairdo.

Naturally, as the royal family is such a media magnet, the Duchess’ signature half up-do has not gone unnoticed. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it keeps the shorter, and occasionally unruly, pieces of hair out of your face while still allowing you to let your hair down. Sporting the Kate Middleton half up-do is the best of both worlds because it’s functional for a day on-the-go, yet is also very classic and feminine.

This Fashionista took the Duchess’ do and made it her own. With a small clip, she captured the quick and easy style for a fashionable Monday morning at work. Her half up-do was a chic way to pull her look together because it claimed a sense of sophistication without needing too much makeup on a humid summer day.

The sleek simplicity of this Fashionista’s hairstyle was complemented by her outfit choices. A timeless white blouse was a casual piece to which her patterned maxi skirt proved to be the perfect match. Finally, this Fashionista wore a basic pair of slip-on shoes for purposeful comfort throughout the day.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In her popular song, “Royals,” Lorde claimed that we will never be royals, but who says we can’t look like them? To recreate this royally inspired beauty trend, all you need is a small-toothed clip or hair elastic. The half up-do will work with any texture and nearly all lengths of hair. So, claim your own fashion reign by personalizing the Kate Middleton half-up hairstyle.