BEAUTY BAR: Just Gonna Wing It

White eyeliner wings are a recent trend that I am obsessing over. We’ve all seen the classic black cat eye for years and while it is still trendy (and probably will be for a while; I mean, I will be doing black eyeliner wings until I’m 70), eyeliners in all colors of the rainbow have been thrown into the mix to spice up a classic look. Once you learn the technique, these delicate daggers on your eyelids can dramatize your look in seconds and draw attention to your pretty eyes.

White wings are my favorite because of their dainty and angelic look: you can still have the sleek cat eye effect while dulling down any harshness a black wing may add to a look. However, with the right outfit and complimentary makeup, white wings can also be dressed up to reach a magical witchy level, like this Fashionista has done. Like black, white eyeliner matches any outfit and can be paired with any level of business, casual or dressy that you are going for. White wings are practical enough to wear to the office during an internship and can be amped up with a second black eyeliner wing or some vibrant lipstick for a night out. This unique twist on a trend that has been around for decades will be sure to get numerous compliments.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For your own white cat eye look, all you need is a go-to white liquid eyeliner that will be sure to last you through the day. This fashionista is using Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner in Snow.  A glistening, golden touch to the cheekbones will be sure to draw extra attention and give that “glazed donut” effect that every highlight lover is looking for. This fashionista is wearing Urban Decay’s Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Aura. Finally, false eyelashes are always a fun and feminine addition to any face of makeup. This Fashionista is sporting Lengthening 116 lashes from Eylure.