There is nothing I admire more than someone willing to take a risk, especially a style risk. It isn’t easy to get a big haircut, mix those patterns or step anywhere over the line of average. But how else can we express who we are if we’re all trying to mold into one boring, nondescript aesthetic? We can’t.

In one glance, this Fashionista told me who she was (or at least a bite sized piece of it). From head to toe, she oozes confidence, ease and independence, and in my opinion, so much of that has to do with her bold and beautiful hairstyle—micro bangs. Every hipster has them, wants them or admires them on their favorite character, Peggy Olson in Mad Men. I am all for this timeless and incredibly glamorous look, but it is such a commitment. If you’ve been considering bangs this short, definitely start with longer ones and slowly cut from there.

Ombré has been in style for years now, and each year, it seems to get more complicated. I think it’s important to consider what works on you rather than what Cara Delvigne is rocking in Vogue. Start neutral, and the bolder you get, the greater the contrast in color and length.

Of course, all of these trendy hair inspirations would be nothing without the style to match. Every casual hipster should own a pair of retro glasses by now, and if not, then you should probably put down your Polaroid camera and go get some. Overalls—I am all about these easy, breezy, linen overalls. But not as much as I am obsessed with the mismatching rolled up socks and suede oxford booties. The brilliance of this look is how much time went into looking as if no work was needed.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you’re unwilling to commit to any crazy hair trends, then to pull of any semblance of hipster attitude, you’re going to need vintage eyewear stat, whether that be chunky glasses or sleek cat-eye sunglasses. To make yourself believable, you’re going to need a bare face, “I woke up like this” makeup regimen and a cup of black coffee from a local shop at all times of the day.