BEAUTY BAR: It's Getting "Chili"

Let’s pucker up for the holidays with my favorite beauty trends, Chili red lipstick by MAC and glowing skin. A pop of color can spice up any outfit and take your winter look from day at the office, to night out on the town. With the cold months upon us, skin tends to become dry and foundation doesn’t apply smoothly. Your best friends this winter will be moisturizer and exfoliant.

Finding the right lip shade to match your skin tone is the hardest part. I personally love to try 50 different shades on the back of my hand and could spend years sorting through various makeup products. The holiday is when you want to put your best face forward and going to the MAC counter is a great place to start. This Fashionista went for a bright red with a hint of orange and over-lined her lips for the perfect, festive lip look.

To achieve this look, carefully exfoliate and then apply a thin coat of moisturizer to the face and over the lip area. To achieve an even skin tone, use a beauty blender when applying foundation and make sure to conceal the lip area. Grab a lip liner that is shade darker than the lipstick of your choice. Start at the cupids bow and create light flicking motions towards the outer corner of the lip. This method will define your lips well without creating a harsh contrast. Then apply the matte lipstick on top. Have makeup remover on standby because nothing is worse than an uneven red lip. To ramp up the holiday glam, use the “Glow Pop” Cream Highlighter on the bridge of your nose, right above cupids bow and on top of the cheek bones.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For this look you will need an exfoliant to get rid dead skin, Lush has a lip scrub that you can even eat, or, if you’re trying to save some money around the holidays, go on Pinterest for a DIY remedy. For an all-over face moisturizer with SPF, use Eltamd UV lotion and then apply foundation with a beauty blender for an overall even finish. Use MAC chicory lip pencil to line and then fill in with Chili lipstick.