BEAUTY BAR: Ice Ice Baby

When it comes to hair trends, an increasing number of teens and young adults are trading in their natural hues for icy locks. This year has been full of pastel tresses, ranging from lavender to green to blue. However, icy silver has really caught my attention and that of countless others.

Maybe more people have decided to embrace the inevitable hair transformation that old age will bring, or maybe they sought out something that was different but not a huge deviation from the norm. After all, there are plenty of individuals with naturally occurring gray, silver and even bright white hair. Regardless of the factors contributing to the rise, I love the look. A hint of silver complements the face, without overpowering it, and makes a person seem more regal. For all my friends with “younger” faces, this color change can help provide the semblance of a few more years. At least, that was my mindset before I gave it a try.

This Fashionista takes the icy look to new heights with her edgy pixie cut. Her black and white color blocking is a chic and perfect approach to an LA winter. The draped sweater and white crop top in combination with her silver hair make her the epitome of a snow angel. She keeps it simple with the makeup but adds plenty of personality with her jewelry. This is a great move, especially for those rocking short hair.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To obtain a similar icy silver hue, try Color Charm dye by Wella. For those starting from a darker color (like this Fashionista), a bleaching step will likely be necessary. If you are feeling extra bold, go for the pixie and top it all off with a bright lip to really show off your new look! If you already have some natural gray in your hair, own it! It’s beautiful.