BEAUTY BAR: I Woke Up Like This

BEAUTY BAR: I Woke Up Like This

All over Instagram, I’ve been seeing girls rocking barely there makeup and chic outfits. I came across one of these girls in real life and had to find out how she achieved “the look”.

We all know those mornings when you find yourself snoozing your alarm clock without knowing it and ending up having to forfeit those last valuable minutes you’d normally spend doing your makeup. In my book, fashion comes first in these situations and I’d rather start my day with a good outfit rather than an elaborate makeup look.

When I asked this Fashionista how long it took her to do her makeup, she told me five minutes—tops. I needed her to teach me her ways!

In this look, she filled in her brows, put on some mascara and rosy blush, and was out the door.

Bold brows can be achieved with the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo. Glossier products like Cloud Paint blush in Puff are perfect for a natural, dewy makeup look, which is what their brand is centered on.

This look is absolutely perfect when paired with her fedora hat and crushed velvet top. I have been obsessed with camel coats lately and I think hers ties the look together flawlessly. Not to mention, her boyfriend jeans and booties are perfect! This is an ideal look for a busy day when you want comfort but also to look fashionable.

Sometimes with makeup less is more and you’ve got to let your outfit do the talking.