BEAUTY BAR: I Came, I Saw, I Contoured

The summer season is a tricky one when it comes to deciding what makeup to wear. The frequent hot and humid weather forcing us to watch all of our hard work slowly melt away is a nightmare. I cannot tell you how many tutorials on YouTube I’ve watched trying to figure out the magic secret to making your makeup stay on your face in whatever conditions life decides to throw at you. Many have managed to conquer this struggle in a beautiful and glamorous way. This Fashionista not only conquered it, but she contoured, too!

This Fashionista looked absolutely adorable in her babydoll patterned dress from Forever 21 with a fit that was loose and oversized. Her cream-colored sandals really kept with the natural tones pattern of this outfit and didn’t distract from her amazing dress or beautiful face!

The Fashionista’s makeup was filled with natural and neutral tones with peach colored lipgloss and eyeshadow using NYX cosmetics’ natural eyeshadow palette. The winged eyeliner gave her eyes a little extra glam that any fabulous Fashionista needs. Knowing that she needed to be prepared for any heat the summer may bring, this Fashionista chose to apply a very light layer of foundation—just enough to even out her skin. What this Fashionista rocks so beautifully lies in her contouring; she told me she’d started a couple weeks ago and was learning by YouTube tutorials. A few weeks only? Wow, maybe I’ll watch these videos and learn how to contour to give me the illusion of the cheekbones I’ve always wanted.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashionista swore by the LORAC PRO Contour Palette for a seamless and easily bendable contour. The palette comes with two matte highlighters, one shimmer highlighter and three matte contour shades. She used the brush that came with the palette to apply a mix of the yellow and beige highlight underneath her eyes in an upside down triangle shape, sweeping it out into the hairline and not going past her nose. Then, she used the same mixture and put it down the ridge of her nose and up into her forehead between the eyebrows. After, she uses the medium matte contour shade and applies it over her cheekbone being sure to not go past the center of her eyes. She takes the same shade and blends it into her hairline to frame her forehead and face and also brushed it on her jawline to add definition and benefit from a slimming effect. Her final step is to add the light contour to the side of her nose. To make sure this look lasts all day, she locks it all in with a setting spray.